Retro-Fit Lighting

Upgrading to LED is the obvious choice for anyone looking to save energy and money with their street lighting. LEDs have a virtually maintenance free life and have expected energy savings of up to 75%.

Here at Pudsey Diamond we have designed and manufactured an affordable retro-fit that clips neatly onto the existing canopy, saving you time and money.

Our small but powerful LED emits a lumen output from 2,000 lm to 6,000 lm, maintaining the original IP rating for luminaire.

Paragon Libra Link

Paragon Libra

The Paragon Libra takes the very latest LED technology and incorporates it into an innovative bespoke moulding which removes the requirements for a bowl, whilst still maintaining the original IP rating.

Paragon Libra
Paragon Saturn Link

Paragon Saturn

The original Paragon LED upgrade combined efficiency with usability, changing the way we upcycle forever.

Using this technology and know-how, we are introducing the Paragon Saturn; an elegant and efficient solution to upgrading to LED whilst maintaining the classic style of the Urbis Saturn.


Paragon Saturn
Paragon Albany Link

COMING SOON: Paragon Albany

The Paragon Albany takes the stage as the newest member of our Paragon LED family. You can now upgrade to LED with ease in a style that is popular up and down the country.

Paragon Albany