Databoll - Remote Management System (RMS)

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Databoll is a Remote Management System (RMS) device used for controlling, monitoring and remote diagnostics of appropriately equipped Pudsey Diamond devices.

This battery operated, hand-held unit containing simple controls and display which together provide control and monitoring of a range of Pudsey Diamond products including our range of Solar Bollards, from the safety of the roadside.

Utilising a short-range low power radio transceiver system, Databoll can interrogate battery voltages, solar panel operation and temperature as well as adjusting light output (brightness), dusk and dawn illumination thresholds, flashing modes (if required) and the download of stored data to analyse trends such as battery health.

All Pudsey Diamond Solar Bollards are as standard manufactured with the technology already in-built and these features will be included in our future LED based products.

Databoll already has the capability for communicating with future products from Pudsey Diamond.

Databoll is not only innovative and leading edge, it is quite simply ground breaking technology that is ahead of the curve.